Glove Overview

Feels to me glove can be used for the following purpose:

  1. Decoration – Fashion glove, acting glove
  2. General protection – Winter glove, baking glove
  3. Sports protection – Baseball glove, golf glove,
    fishing glove, biker glove, driver glove
  4. Work protection – Welding glove, cut resistance

It either makes your hand looks prettier or protects your
hand from injury. The nature of the application required gloves to be designed
in a specific way, some required the glove looks good, some require certain parts
of glove need to be impact absorption capable, etc. Nowadays,
gloves are designed in a “crossover” way, work gloves are being designed to be
looks “cool” on top of its mandatory function, sports gloves also taking
attributes of work gloves to make it safer.

There are many ways to classify gloves; it can be classified
by application, material type, functionality, etc. But generally speaking there
are only 4 types of gloves:

  1. Cut and sew – Material such as fabric or leather
    are cut into pieces and sew together to form a shape of the glove.
  2. Knitted – Yarn as the material is knitted by
    knitting machine forms the shape of a glove.
  3. Dipped or coated – Knitted glove liner is placed
    on a hand mold then dipped into the chemical bath to form the coating of a
    glove. For disposable glove, no liner is required.
  4. Molded gloves – Material are shaped by a mold to
    form a shape of a glove.

Hopefully, I covered all glove types, this is it for today.
Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Glove Overview”

  1. This is great information. I would like to see some information on the ratings of gloves such as if there re ratings for cut or stab resistance or heat ratings etc.

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog and left the 1st review! To answer your question, I need a few posts to talk about cut resistance glove, since it is a big topic, it’s going to take me some time to put them all together. Stay tuned.

  2. Very interesting blog. You know a lot about this kind of thing. If you are looking for topics maybe look at the infinity gauntlet cooking glove. It seems it would help your log grow if you cover the technical side of that story.

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