Cut resistance glove #1

Cut resistance glove is a big topic, I have to use several days to talk about it.

A couple things may mislead you about cut resistance glove

Cut resistance glove can prevent hand from cutting hazard, but I must make it clear that cut resistance glove CAN BE CUT through, if you do it on purposely, with enough cutting force and sharp blade knife, or with a cutting equipment. It protects you on certain level of cut, I will introduce about the cut level later.

There are also two other terms that may lead to confusion of customers — stab or puncture and chop. Nearly all the cut resistance glove commercials, posters or ads I have seen, a knife must be there; either a sharp knife is used to cut a person’s glove wearing hand, or a knife blade is holding by a hand, these are all good. But what may mislead the customer is, cut resistance glove can not assure stabbing resistance or in another way called puncture resistance. That is because most of the protection layer of cut resistance glove is made with knitted material. A good example is, the kitchen cut resistance glove you can find in online retailers are surely not stab resistance. Never try to stab your hand when wearing a cut resistance glove with a sharp object until you read the owner’s manual (if there is any) or consult the glove seller. I can not say all of the cut resistance gloves are not puncture resistance, but at least 90% of cut resistance gloves I have seen sold by online or offline retailers are not.

Another term chop, if you are wearing a pair of cut resistance glove, you can touch or hold the blade of a big knife or ax, but never try to chop your hand with it, because it hurts! Your glove may not get damaged, but your hand may get hurt, of course, it depends on how hard you chop, you may break a couple of bones, or ……… I don’t want to think anymore, feel hurt even think about it. Technically speaking, the action of chop can be divided into two parts – impact and cut. An ordinary cut resistance glove can protect you from the cut, but not impact. If you plan to work in an environment may get your hand or finger chopped, I suggest you get a pair of impact resistance glove with cut resistance feature.

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