Instead of saying "Us" now is only me

I was born and grow up in China, had my college education in the United States. After that, I went back to China, start working in a sourcing office of an American industry supply company, initially as a product engineer, later on as a product manager. For nearly 90% of my career, I evaluate and source PPE (Person Protection Equipment) products in Asia; I had experience with hard hats, safety eyewear, earplugs, jackets, pants, welding clothing, gloves, safety shoes, etc. Our routine work was to shipped all types of PPE products that are available in US market back to China, then we approach factories all around Asia and work with them to develop products same in function/performance, competitive in price. I had hands-on experience such as analyze products using our equipment, review and use the product in a customer’s standpoint. By doing that, I acquired in-depth understanding of product design concept, different material and their characteristics, pros or cons of certain design. I was the one to draft and finalize technical specification and internal quality standard of each newly developed product. When I went to visit factories, I was able to see manufacture process; discuss with people in the factory in business side of the product, knowing their vision of the industry, innovations, and new technology.

Out of the PPE products I worked with, I like glove the most, not only because I spend most of my time on it, but also its complicity and variance that attracts me the most.