Why I Start This Blog


Hi readers, thank you for your time to read my blog. Right here, I would like to share my knowledge and understanding of gloves. I will talk about something about myself, gloves types, material, application, pros/cons of a glove, glove selection, new technology and anything you would like to ask.

To be honest, it is my passion about glove leads me to start this blog, I can share my knowledge and willing to hear from everyone else about your idea too, I cannot be sure I am 100% correct, please correct me if I am wrong, also, I eager to know any new design, manufacturing methods, material or innovation about glove. Please share with me.

Secondly, I want my kids to know what I have done in my career, I start showing him some gloves since he was 2 years old; it was funny to watch him put XXL size gloves on his tiny hands and trying to grab his toy. He once mentioned to his friends that he was very proud that his father develops glove products for living. Hopefully 20 years from now, he gets the chance to read this and finds this useful. Considering the rapid development of AI and robotic technology, hopefully, in his generation, gloves will still be used by human workers.

I am not a native English speaker; the 3rd reason is to practice my English writing skill. I will try to avoid gramma problem and try to use the simplest English to avoid any misunderstanding.

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